Old Church Landing was started by Jewel and Bob Hickman in 1983. The original set of covenants was recorded on July 17, 1986. Jewel and Bob's house on lot 8 was built in 1985.

Jewel and Bob were looking for a waterfront lot to build a house on in Laurel. There were none to be found, so the Hickman's bought the 80 acres now known as Old Church Landing at a public auction. They decided that they did not need 80 acres for their home so they started an upscale development.

Obviously they made a good choice and had a strong following, as all of the lots were sold within 5 years.

Originally they were going to call it Cider Mill, after the O'Neal's Cider Press. But they found more inspiration from the Old Christ Church, thus the community of Old Church Landing was established.

In 1991 lots 52 through 54 were annexed in. There are no further plans for expansion as the development is landlocked by owners who are not interested in selling.

Jewel Hickman passed away in 1998. Bob Hickman still lives at lot number 8. Bob's vision for Old Church Landing is for it to continue to be a safe, family oriented and distinctive waterfront neighborhood like no other in Laurel.

History written by Renee' Hickman Clarke


Bob Hickman has sold his house left the neighborhood.  He will spend his winters in Venus, Florida and summers in Lewes, DE. He will be missed in the neighborhood.